Friday, May 24, 2013

3 Years of Books!

This is the day! 3 years ago today I started this blog. There aren't as many posts as I would like there to be, but the fact that it still exists 3 years later is an accomplishment in itself. I really didn't know what I was doing then (not that I can say I always know what I'm doing now) and the site looked a bit different than it does today. My first post was on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, an excellent first choice full of fancy zombie killing action. And Darcy is still swoon worthy so that's a plus. Added bonus? Ninjas.

I don't remember all of the reasons why I decided to start a book blog. It seems like it was forever ago. But I think the main reason was because I loved reading and sometimes I wasn't sure what books would be good or what I wanted to read next. If I had this problem I thought other people might too. So, somehow, here I am now. And that's a small part of my story.

As a part of the Blogiversary, I decided to give away a book. Congrats to Krissy C on winning the Book Blogiversary giveaway! I'll be in contact with you soon! I should warn you that I live in a small town so I'll check a couple of stores for your choices and see what I can actually find. My hopes are not high. I apologize for my lack of local book resources. Maybe someday my town will have something exciting like a bookstore that actually sells books that I'm looking for so I don't have to go online to get what I want. Every. Single. Time. Sorry for the rant. I can't contain my disappointment.

Here's to many more years of books!

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