We are happy to review many different genres, self-published or not. However, we may not review every book we receive a request for. We accept either books or ebooks (kindle format). Delivery of the material is the responsibility of the requester. If we receive a copy of a book, it may be included in a giveaway after the review is completed. Copies received will not be returned. View the review policy below the request form for more detail.

Copies of books can be mailed to:
Attn: Laura Porterfield
PO Box 24
Kinross, MI 49752

To ensure your book is reviewed, please fill out the Google form at ( OR send the information directly to laura(at)lolaloop(dot)com.

Review Policy

Content of Lolaloop Books includes:

Reviews: We review a variety of genres, including: Children's, YA, fantasy, Science Fiction, horror, literary fiction, chick lit, general fiction, and some non-fiction. To request a review, please submit your request in the form at the top of the page.

We do accept eBooks, preferably in Kindle (mobi) format. Reviews include a description of the novel and our (Laura's, Stepfanie's or both) opinion upon completing the book. We provide links to the author's site (if known), Amazon (or location where copies are sold) and possibly Goodreads. The majority of our reviews are positive since we tend not to read books we do not enjoy.

The speed in which we review depends on how busy we are, length of the book, and how interesting we find it, among other things.

Contests/giveaways: We would love to host contests and giveaways. If we receive a copy of a book, it may be included in a giveaway after the review is completed. Please e-mail me (laura@lolaloop(dot)com) to arrange a contest and/or giveaway. Contests/giveaways will be posted on, facebook and twitter.

Compensation: We do not receive, nor would we accept, monetary compensation for our reviews. Review copies may be provided by the author, publisher, or a publicist. Copies received will not be returned. ARCs will not be sold, though they may be given away, either to friends or in a contest. Final copies may be resold or given away. The money from resold final copies is used to mail contest prizes and to send books to other blogger reviewers. These free copies do not guarantee a positive review. We reserve the right to write negative reviews. View the disclosure policy in the About Us section for more information.

Reviews include a link to Amazon. The affliate ID belongs to the site owner of Lolaloop Books, who uses the money to ship books to contest winners. It is not kept for personal gain.

As of September 2012, we are hosting ads through Google's AdSense program. Whatever we earn through these ads will also be used to defray the cost of the blog.