Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2013 Banned Books Week!

I always get excited about Banned Books Week but then I forget to post anything about it until it's either halfway through or at the very end. I think the last time I posted anything about banned books week was back in 2010. I'm sorry. I am easily distracted.

I think it's the lists the I like to look at most. For example:

Top 10 Challenged Book by Year
100 Most Frequently Challenged Book by Decade

Banned books that shaped America

I still can't understand why the Harry Potter series was the #1 most challenged book from 2000-2009. Of course, I love Harry Potter so I'm biased (I talked about why I love it in this post). It would almost be better if, in order to challenge a book, you have to read the entire thing. Who are you to say a book should be banned if you haven't even read the full thing yourself? And so what if you didn't like it? What makes you so special that you think that because you took offense other people shouldn't have access to it? It infuriates me... so go out and read a banned book. Because you can!

There is also a Virtual Read Out going on this week. Click the link to find out more!

Free download of the full banned books lists