Monday, November 25, 2019

Tis the Season for Christmas Romance Novels

Guys. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet and I've already started with the Christmas romance novels. Because they are freaking adorable! It's like Hallmark but in book form and much more dirty. I love it.

My latest read was the Reindeer Falls series by Jana Aston. They're short and sweet and can probably all be finished in a day if you're determined. The female characters, the Winter sisters, are funny and have Christmas themed names (Holly, Ginger, and Noel). I love me some good Christmas feelings and reading these made me want to put up a tree and I haven't even gotten a new one yet (my pre-lit tree died last year and I mourn it's poor fake tree death).

The Boss Who Stole Christmas is about Holly, who thinks her young, hot boss is a Grinch. Oh boy will she find out otherwise.

If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread is about Ginger and a baking competition she entered and she starts out thinking one of her competitors is a jackal. However, he is very cute and persuasive.

The One Night Stand Before Christmas is about Noel who wakes up to Santa's suit on her floor. Noel and Santa got a little naughty and took holiday spirit to a whole other level.

Christmas fun all around!

As usual with most books I read these days, the series is free on KU, otherwise if you would be buying the books right now it's $6.97 for all 3.