Saturday, January 29, 2022

Happy New Year!

I realize now that it is almost February and I haven't posted anything in a LONG TIME! I have no defense for this other than I was doing podcast stuff and having to much fun reading books to stop to write about them when I was done. Is this why #booktok is such a big thing now? To be honest it would be quicker to give a quick video review than to put the time into writing a response of why I did or didn't like what I read. Maybe someday. But for now you can check out all of the 228 books I read in 2021 here: 

Or check out my 2022 books here:

I read some interesting books in 2021, including romance novels that included blue aliens, dragon shifters, the devil and demons (those one felt weird but were well written), and mafia men, on top of the usual contemporary romance I go for. I can't specifically say I had any favorites, but I did read a lot of books by Jessica Gadziala, Sophie Lark, Ruby Dixon, and others.

One set of books I liked right at the end of the year were The Ares Trials by Eliza Raine. It was a fun play on mythology. I had read The Hades Trials right before that and felt it dragged on a bit, but The Areas Trials was a great read all the way through and recommend both if you like romance with mythology thrown in. 

Kati Wilde also has some good books in The Dead Lands series if you like the idea of barbarians that are respectful towards women (I was a fan).

Have you read any books you think I would like? Recommend them in the comments!

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