Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Humbugged by Pippa Grant and Lili Valente

"A mall Santa broke my heart, stole my coffee mug, and killed my reindeer dreams."

He’s the world’s most alpha Marine and the last man I should be letting jingle my bells this holiday season. 

So why does Clint O’Dell keep running through my thoughts wearing nothing but a Santa hat? And why do I stupidly agree that we should be Christmas friends with benefits?

Someone must have spiked my eggnog. 

I don’t do Marines. 

Or Santas. 

I learned my lesson about both the hard way. 

But when Clint steps in to rescue me—from a murderous goose, a rogue reindeer, and the ghost of Christmas Right Now causing trouble in my bakery—I can’t help but wonder if we’re meant to be more than friends. 

If maybe Clint is the holiday miracle I’ve been praying for…or if all the magic will disappear with the season.

Humbugged is a laugh out loud holiday romp featuring a Marine with a heart of gold and a baker in need of a hero. Complete with the world's most awkward Christmas caroling, a photoshoot with furry friends, and more naughty baked goods than is good or decent.
This is the 4th book in the Happy Cat/O’Dell brothers series that I've reviewed previously.

I have to start out by saying that Clint is my favorite O’Dell brother. He’s a cute (HOT), funny marine who protects Noelle from animals and possible ghosts. Noelle has had a hard time since moving to Happy Cat between being a magnet for animals and with her cakes and cookies having trouble staying in one piece.

We first see Noelle in Blake and Hope’s book (Hitched) as she delivers an unfortunately broken cake and later is swarmed by hungry raccoons. They are super cute together. Based on how she appeared in Hitched, I wasn’t sure that I was going to like her, but Noelle is a brave woman who made the choice to move forward and try to be happy despite some struggles. Clint calls her Cupcake and it is adorable. Seeing their relationship progress gave me the feels in all the best ways. I got an early copy for a review and I can’t recommend this book (and series in general) enough..

Like the other books in the series it is full of humor and animal fun. There is also a running theme of Chuck Norris type memes and jokes that cracked me up throughout. Some of my favorite quotes include these gems:
"Have you tried one of Noelle's chocolate chip cookie bars yet? Not to meme myself or anything but I baked them with a single smolder."
 "Though how we got on this subject, I have no idea."  "You threatened my carrot. My carrot was unafraid. Flirting ensued."
Plus many more... but if I put in that many in I would no longer be quoting, I would just be copying and pasting the entire book and if I recall correctly that is illegal. A funny, cute, holiday cheer filled read.

You can get your copy on Amazon! You have to buy it when it first comes out but it should be on Kindle Unlimited soon! Maybe just buy yourself a Christmas gift and buy the entire series? They're all so good and cute and funny that you'd really be doing yourself a favor and if you can't treat yourself at Christmas are you really doing the holiday season right?

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