Saturday, August 31, 2019

Series Saturday- Happy Cat

Each book in the Happy Cat/O'Dell brothers series is standalone and you don't need to read the previous books to understand what is going on, but it is worth it if you read them in order. Mostly so you get some more humorous backstory. All have HEA's.

Hosed is the first book in the series. Ryan O'Dell is a firefighter and Cassie Sunderwell returns to her small town to run her sister's sex toy factory while her sister Savannah takes a vacation after she finds her husband doing something... awkwardly sexual and illegal with a sheep. It's weird and funny and Ryan's pet raccoon George Cooney offers plenty of comic relief. I love that raccoon. Things keep going wrong with the factory and some people in town don't want the factory there at all, so there is some sabotage and mystery mixed in.

Hammered, the 2nd book in the series, is about Jace O'Dell and Olivia Moonbeam. Jace feels like he isn't good enough and Olivia is innocence and light. More animal humor is added with the found hedgehog Princess Von Spooksalot, an alpaca named Chewpaca, and of course George Cooney. This one is a bit different because just as Jace and Olivia get together things get sidetracked by Jace's ex telling him she is pregnant- part of this is seen in Hosed so there is a bit of overlap. This story has some mystery, kidnapping, and plenty of funny moments.

Hitched, the 3rd book in the series, comes out September 3rd and I already have it preordered. When Hitched is released the books will temporarily be taken off Kindle Unlimited until the 7th, so if you're a KU subscriber and can deal with waiting a few days you have that option. I have no patience for a series I love so I bought Hosed and Hammered at the same time when Hammered was released. When Hammered was released Hosed went on sale for 99 cents so you may be able to get a deal again on the latest release.

In Hitched we get the story of Blake and Hope, who we see more of in Hammered. I love these brothers so much and I'm interested in learning why Blake and Hope don't get along. Hope works with animals and Blake is the fixer in town (while also trying to start his winery) so whenever anything breaks down around Hope, which is a lot because if she touches anything electronic it basically combusts. Hope needs Blake's help to keep her animals... by marrying her. Her grandmother died, and in order to keep her grandmother's animals, per a stipulation in her grandmothers will the grandchild who gets married first gets the animals. Hope is at risk of losing everything to her cousin Kyle so her solution is to ask Blake for his help. After all, they had been married once for 24 hours?! I'm looking forward to this one. Join me in binge reading on September 3rd!

Humbugged- Coming December 2019 (I'm super excited for this one!)

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