Friday, August 30, 2019

America's Geekheart by Pippa Grant

America's Geekheart

Remember that time you accidentally sexted your in-laws?

Yeah. I just did that. Except worse. Now my million social media followers are reading and sharing the rude, smartass message I meant to send privately to my little sister...and I’m officially public enemy number one.

I’m Beck Ryder. Former boy bander. Underwear model. Fashion mogul. And I just buried my entire leg in my mouth—not just my foot—modern internet style, and publicly insulted my sister’s neighbor.

Sarah Dempsey.

Also known as the woman of my dreams, who loves geeky TV shows, baseball, and giraffes, who’s just as turned on by food as I am, and who has a huge secret that I didn’t see coming.

Now it's time to grovel and apologize publicly on social media and hope that those same followers who helped start the raging shitstorm will help calm the waters.

Because Sarah doesn’t want the spotlight. For very good reasons that I can’t tell you right now and trying to convince her to be my fake girlfriend to fix this mess and make me look like less of a jackass is worse than taking a kick to the nuts by Jackie Chan.

And I thought modeling underwear made me feel naked.

Trying to start a relationship in the era of the twitterazzi isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

America’s Geekheart is a rockin’ fun romantic comedy featuring a billionaire fashion mogul who got his start modeling underwear, the geeky girl next door with a secret the size of California, and more superstitions and secrets than you can shake a baseball bat at. It stands alone with no cheating or cliffhangers.

I have such a crush on the fictional Beck Ryder. I mean, just look at the model on the cover. He's beautiful... those eyes. The character is even better. He is funny, sweet, and loves food. And I mean loves food. We would get along really well as we got snacks and watched baseball together.

After the horrible social media use Beck is able to find Sarah to apologize because his sister (and Sarah's neighbor) is friends with her online. Sarah is smart and has a science blog. She deals a lot with insecurity about a crappy his school experience and everything she had to deal with growing up in the spotlight because of her parents. Beck understands public scrutiny and helps her move forward in the sweetest ways. Both of them are hilarious.

This is my favorite read to keep coming back to when I need something happy and funny. It's a palate cleanser for me if I read something angsty and want to clear the feels from my brain. It never fails to make me happy, even if I'm just skipping around to my favorite scenes. Fair warning, with the amount of food mentioned, reading this also tends to make me hungry.

Get your copy here! Bonus-- if you have Kindle Unlimited it's free!

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