Monday, October 8, 2012

Just Dare Me by Stephanie Bond


Marketing exec Gabrielle Flannery isn't what you'd call the outdoorsy type. But after an embarrassing incident with a potted plant leaves Gabrielle revealing more leg than a Thanksgiving turkey, she decides it's time to reassert herself. Even if it means going head-to-head with marketing golden boy and the office Hottie McHot, Dell Kingston, over an outdoor gear account... That is, until Gabrielle and Dell find themselves competing against each other for the account at a wilderness survival weekend. Since he's in touch with the great outdoors, Dell figures that naturally extends to Gabrielle and those sexy legs of hers... . But Gabrielle has a few tricks up her sleeve.

And nothing stimulates a sexual appetite like a little fresh air, a tiny little tent and a whole lot of libido.
Just Dare Me... is a part of the Adrenaline Rush collection.

Gabrielle Flannery is a geeky redhead who is always overlooked but when she topples over a potted plant showing off alot of leg she's no longer completely overlooked. She decides that she wants the outdoor gear account, which the sexy Dell Kingston is also going after. This book takes you on an exciting journey of a geek turned chic, determined to get the gold. Who wins? And will they find each other when the contest includes a sexy actor, and beautiful nymphomaniac???

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