Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Girl Gone Wild by Joanne Rock

What all-American male could resist a sugarcoated seduction?
 Journalist Hugh Duncan can sniff out international intrigue, but finding a juicy scoop in a Miami singles' club right under his nose? Could a voluptuous chef, singing a siren song while icing a Kama Sutra cream puff, be his next big story---or is she just a luscious piece of fluff? And if the kitchen contessa insists on giving out free samples---well, there's am offer no gentleman should refuse...
Giselle Cesare has a history of stirring up trouble, and not just on her stove. Even so, the minute a handsome reporter wanders into Club Paradise, she knows she's struck gold. By the time their first date draws to a close, Giselle has hit on the secret to spontaneous combustion! Unfortunately, if Hugh persists in digging up her past, more than her sexplicit deserts will be exposed!

I have just begun reading the Harlequin Blaze books, and I am loving every one I come across. Girl Gone Wild is a very sexy read--but its not just the sexual encounters that reel me in, the story line is what really makes this book.

Journalist Hugh Duncan is forced to write a report on Club Paradise, which he is not excited over---he is used to going to exotic locations to write "big" stories, not controversial hotels. While taking a late walk he comes cross Giselle Cesare singing and dancing while cooking in the kitchen and he becomes captivated by her beauty and her love of life. Should he write a story that could possibly destroy the only woman he has ever felt this way about? or should he not write the story and possibly end his career?? What to do????

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