Sunday, February 7, 2021

2020 Reading Challenge Results

What a year 2020 was! I'm going for my masters degree, so my plan WAS to cut down on reading. Hence the 40 book goal. That is... not what happened. Turns out I will procrastinate doing class work just to read more. Why do I do this to myself?

As you can see, I have zero self control. Actually, as I'm writing this I'm supposed to be finalizing a paper that is due today. But first I made jello shots because Super Bowl. See? No control. I think I have a new motto:

Never late. But always procrastinate.

I need that on a shirt. It is so true in my life. But hey, I get it done in the end even if there is a ton of panic!

So to sum up my reading in 2020, pretty much all were Kindle Unlimited romance novels. Plus side, I'm getting my moneys worth! I ended the year binge reading a lot of books by Jessica Gadziala. I've found that I love a little suspense and action with my romance. If a book is too angsty though I have a tendency to skip through parts. I just can't take the so much of the feels and characters that can't make a decision and stick with it.

One of my favorite books last year was Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door by Lucy Score. It was funny and had mystery, chase scenes, a heroine I love, and a swoony hero. I read it a couple times I loved it so much.

Do you have any favorites that you read last year? Any books you're looking forward to in 2021?

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