Saturday, August 26, 2017

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

I was at the library uploading a video yesterday when I came across a graphic novel in the Young Adult section. It reminded me of one of those old Scary Stories books I loved as a kid. Except this was quicker to read and more visually good looking. The drawings in those Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books freaked the s#!t out of me as a kid. The one story about the girl with the green ribbon around her neck has especially stuck with me.

This book had some creepy stories and the drawings can leave you with a little chill. I was entertained enough to read through the entire thing while I waited. It didn’t take long but I highly recommend it if you like that kind of thing. Obviously not that gross since it was in the YA section. But the mostly white, black, and red color scheme was really cool. All of the writing was hand-written instead of typed and the layout was visually appealing. If you want a quick, creepy YA graphic novel read I recommend it! You can find it here!

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