Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Specialist by Rhonda Nelson

"When you're this good, they call you The Specialist...

And Major Brian Payne is that good. Whether it's in battle or in the bedroom, there's nobody more "detail oriented." And that's the reason he's on this wild-goose chase, to find a priceless military antique--before the competition does. He's sure he can handle it...until he discovers the competition is smart, saucy Emma Langsford--a woman he'd definitely like to get his hands on...
Emma's years in the military have taught her Brian Payne is a legend. He's also way out of her league, regardless of how many fantasies he;s inspired over the years. But Emma has a job to do--and she has to pull it off. So if' The Specialist gets in her way, she'll just have to distract him...
Because all's fair in love and war..."

The Specialist is book 2 in the Men Out of Uniform series.

Major Brian Payne and Emma Langsford are sent on a mission by previous military bosses to retrieve a priceless military artifact...and not as a team, but as rivals. Emma remembers Brian vividly and has had several fantasies involving him over the years, although Brian Payne is captivated by Emma and knows he's seen her somewhere before, but where? The book takes you through several hilarious pranks they set on each other. Who will find the artifact first? Does it even exist? Or will they give way to their sexual tension?

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